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Registrator Viewer

  • Easily view records of video registrators (DVR, dash cam).
  • Cutting fragments of video and frames.
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    The program is a good alternative to the standard players:
    DODPlayer.exe, HDPlayer.exe, BlackVue.exe, Akenori Player, PLP5_RUS.exe, VideoViewer.exe, CARDVC2.exe, MagicEyeViewer.exe, DV ROUTE PLAYER, RoadHawkHD.exe, ...
    Supported DVRs with GPS and/or G-Sensor:
    Carcam Q3 (Karkam), DOD GS600, DATAKAM GS-600 and their analogues,
    Samoon DV5E5, TeXet DVR 1GP, GS1000 and their analogues,
    Carcam Q5, DOD GSE550, ACV Q5 and their analogues,
    Carcam Q4, GPS1000 (DVR DS103), BlackVue DR400G, DATAKAM GS-800, Akenori DriveCam 1080 Pro, Papago P2, Digma DVR-105G, MagicEye FG720, Roadline G9, Vosonic Flexmedia V747W, Ritmix AVR-820, GPS1000A, GS2000, GS5000, GS8000, GS9000, Tenex DVR 520, RoadHawkHD, Texet DVR-1GS, F70G, F90G, SymDVR.
    But it is also suitable for other digital video recorders (DVR) and cameras, which doing MOV and MP4 files, because they can be grouped and cut.

    The main program window:       (There are English language for user interface)
    Registrator Viewer Main Program Screen

    Key features

    • Group files - view trip blocks as single video.
    • Automatically files search.
    • Video zoom in/out and frame by frame watching.
    • Powerful usage of maps.
    • Export any video fragments without recompression - lossless cutting and joining.

    Full list of features


    Operating system: Windows XP / Vista / 7 / 8   [x32 and x64]
    System requirements:
      - For playing FullHD video requires a processor with a total frequency of all cores of at least 4 GHz or support DXVA (hardware decoding) in the graphics card.
      - For the user interface requirements are negligible.
    Distribution: free. But you can make a donation.

    Does not require installation. Download, launch, enjoy!

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